Reconditioned Hybrid Battery

Deciding whether or not to recondition your hybrid battery is a decision you may never have to make. Hybrid batteries are designed to last a very long time. It has been estimated that a hybrid battery will only need replacing every 200,000 miles. The cost associated with replacing a hybrid battery can be expensive. This has lead many people to choose to have a reconditioned hybrid battery instead.

Whilst a functioning battery in a conventional car is necessary to having an operable motor vehicle it is generally not considered that important if the battery requires replacement. After all if it fails to start then a push or jump start will get it going. Ordinary car batteries can be purchased cheaply and they don’t have to be replaced very often. With a hybrid however the battery plays a much more central role.

The battery in a hybrid is as important part of the vehicle as any other mechanical part. Not only this but given the complexity of a hybrid battery it is currently very expensive to replace. It is important to bear in mind that a hybrid battery is not in fact a single battery like you would find in a typical car. It is instead composed of a series of battery modules. The battery pack is what allows the hybrid to be such a fuel efficient and low emission vehicle.
The most common cause of concern with hybrid batteries is there reliability. Whilst most of these concerns have been allayed it is a definite fact that they are expensive to replace.

The nickel (nickel-metal hydride) that is used in the common hybrid battery is expensive and this contributes to the overall cost which is around three thousand dollars. You should remember that your warranty covers you for up to a ten year period and if your battery fails within this time frame you will be able to have it replaced at no cost.

Because of the expense associated with a new battery many owners are deciding to have their hybrid battery reconditioned instead.

As mentioned earlier a hybrid battery is built differently to a conventional battery. The hybrid battery is composed of a series of modules. The reason for battery failure can be that one of these modules is not functioning correctly. It is often possible to replace non functioning modules with functional ones instead.

This process will make the battery last longer and will also reduce future ongoing maintenance costs. The difference in costs for reconditioning a hybrid battery can vary and so it will be necessary to calculate these differences before proceeding. It is generally estimated that the difference in cost is roughly around a quarter of that of replacing the battery. Considering that overall costs of replacing a battery runs around three thousand dollars it will be well worth considering reconditioning the battery.

The decision to recondition a hybrid battery can be a smart one given the cost of a new one. You will first need to establish whether the modules in your battery can in fact be replaced. From there a suitable module will need to found and reconditioning can begin.